Published on: 09-06-2017

Carrying out first aid is becoming more and more a possible case of saving someone's life.

Learn how!

Some scary facts:

The NHS has a requirement for the ambulance service to reach a life-threatening situation within 8 minutes. 25% do NOT.

That 75% call out have not been met for 32 months and is increasing.

This statistic is higher for the Greater London area!

The NHS have a group of volunteers called Community First Responders who are trained to a high degree but not as high as a paramedic. They tend to arrive before an ambulance.

Because of this it is becoming more important for people to become more aware of being trained in first aid and actually taking up the training.

Let us look at a scenario:

You are at work or out with friends and a someone suddenly collapses in front or near to you, or a child you're in charge of starts choking.

What do you do?

You ring for an ambulance! (QUITE RIGHT!), but it will be around 10 minutes before it arrives. Would you know what to do? If the answer to that question is no (or even if you hesitated) you could literally make the difference between the person or child surviving or dying.


There should be fully trained first aiders onsite and available in every workplace AND school always. Employers are responsible for making sure this happens. If it is not the case where you work, you need to bring this to the attention of your employer.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work.

Where can I get Training?

We provide a wide range of training courses to make sure that you won’t hesitate in an emergency and to provide you with the skills and confidence to save lives. This training can be carried out either in our training facility or on your premises, as long as there is room to carry out the training.

Is it Expensive?

Adequate training for businesses, is a legal requirement, BUT, we do not believe it should cost you a fortune because of this. We provide excellent training and national qualifications at a very reasonable price. You can book a course with us either via our website, email, or ring us!

You do not have to have a Business to Sign Up.

However, if you are in employment, it is your employers’ responsibility to provide adequate first aid training in the workplace. But anyone is welcome to sign up to our open courses.

The more people who have the skills and confidence to take charge of a situation and maybe save a life the better.